LitHouse – BANANA PUNCH : Flower 3.5g Jar


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Banana OG x Purple Punch Ready for a vaycay? LitHouse has got you covered with this lounge-worthy strain from Symbiotic Genetics. Let the sweet banana and fresh pineapple aroma transport you to an island retreat, while delicate flavors of fruit and sugar combined with a light earthy spice pleasantly soothes your senses. Like a pristine white sand beach, this strain is thoroughly coated with an impressive layer of crystalline resin, giving the deep purple and cool green flowers a uniquely sandy look typical of the Purple Punch father genetics. Proud parent of many prominent strains, the Banana OG mother imparts an intense and stoney high that has made Banana Punch a favorite among experienced users. Enjoy a restorative break from reality and let yourself drift away on soothing waves to tranquility. Bon Voyage. Our LitHouse premium eighth jars contain 3.5 grams of small-batch, craft grown, cannabis flower. LitHouse focuses on flavor and potency. All of our flower is slow cold-cured and expertly trimmed for maximum terpene preservation. You can always count on high quality and consistency in every jar from LitHouse.


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